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Upington Tourism

Upington is situated on the banks of the Mighty Orange River, which is one of the largest rivers in South Africa. Upington is rich in culture and history. The banks of the mighty Orange River (one of South Africa’s longest rivers) and was established in the 1800s when it was a mission station, from which it developed and was recognized as a town in 1884.

Like Wild West towns, Upington had its share of skirmishes and its share of fortune-seeking scoundrels.

One of these was a man called George St Leger Gordon Lenox, alias ‘Scotty Smith’. An adventurer born in Scotland, he especially bought and sold illegal diamonds, stole horses and masterminded highway robberies. His gravestone is one of Upington’s tourist attractions.
Another noteworthy historic attraction is the spectacular Date Palm Avenue. Two rows of more than 200 date palm trees escort visitors over 1 000m to the entrance of Die Eiland Holiday Resort on the banks of the Orange River.

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